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Considered the ultimate percussion massager for home use, the Thumper Sport is powerful, convenient, reliable and most importantly, effective.

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Made by hand in Canada, the Thumper is a professional-grade self-massager and is the first choice chiropractors, massage therapists and professional athletes in treating muscle aches and tension. In fact, Thumper massagers are used by over 200,000 professionals worldwide.

Thumper is different because they are percussive massagers, not vibration massagers – Thumper offers steady, comfortable pulsations that penetrate even the thickest muscles to release tension and fatigue. A testament to their power, Thumper has even developed a professional line of horse massagers, to keep prize racing horses in top physical condition.


  • Lightweight – Only 3 pounds, the Thumper packs a punch and takes little muscle to operate
  • Reliable, Powerful Motor – The Thumper is equipped with a heavy-duty DC motor and dynamically balanced drive to deliver solid percussion massage
  • Interchangeable massage heads – Switch out the dual percussion heads to customize the intensity of your massage
  • Variable frequency – The Thumper utilizes percussion speeds between 20 and 40 Hertz for convenient frequency control
  • “True Speed” Feedback – The Thumper patented “True Speed” feedback system prevents low speed stalls.
  • Ergonomic Handle – The Thumper is designed to easily maneuver hard-to-reach muscle groups and accommodate all hand sizes
  • 2 Year Warranty
  • Designed and hand-made in Canada

How Does It Work?

Thumper works its magic with “tapotement,” a pulsed acupressure that sends percussive pulsations deep into problematic muscles. While most other electric massagers simply glide on the surface of the skin, Thumper Sport actively penetrates and steadily massages out tension.

Benefits of Massage


“When executives at TV’s X Factor in London (UK) were asked to provide massaging equipment for the panel of X Factor judges, they knew whom to turn to for reliable, professional grade massagers: Thumper Massager Inc. They (Thumpers) have gone down very well. Tulisa (Contostavlos) loves the massager. She can’t stop using the foot massager (Versa Pro).”

Eamonn Cyrne, EChiro

“I’m a massage therapist, nationally certified personal trainer, yoga therapist, post-rehab specialist with physical therapy experience, and a traveled lecturer on therapeutic stretch and massage techniques. I have been trained in Japanese, Chinese, and Indian techniques, as well as western physical therapy. And I have been practicing for over 40 years. I have used the Thumper massagers — both Maxi and Mini Pro — for well over a decade. They are truly clinical grade tools, capable of maintaining their percussion frequency precision hour after hour, day after day, year after year.

I owned a gym in Iowa for 11 years, and sold Thumpers through the gym’s pro-shop, comfortable in the knowledge that once the person learned the right way to use it (which nowadays is shown via a DVD supplied with every machine), they would become nearly evangelical in reporting benefits to their friends. And I could sleep well, knowing the machines I sold would not break down without serious misuse.

With great respect and thanks to the wonderful folks at Thumper,”

Randy Fox, St Lous, Missouri, USA

“Since I purchased my Thumper Massager my life has radically changed. I suffer from extreme pain and contractions in my legs due to an accident and surgery. Without my Thumper Massager during my vessel contractions, my circulation to my heart could be impaired. I believe that this machine has literally saved my life more than once. Using my Thumper every day reduces my pain greatly and gives me so much more mobility. What an amazing blessing this Thumper Massager is!”

Sapphire Moon, Pahoa, Hawaii, USA

“Everyone who has ever had a massage after a triathlon is well aware of the beneficial effects of hands-on-body-work. A new product on the market will allow you to get that same great feeling – the Thumper. Thumper is burn-out protected, unlike athletes.”

Triathlete Magazine

*Testimonials from Thumper®

The Company Behind Thumper

Thumper Handheld MassagerA Canadian Success Story – In 1974, Thumper Massager designed and patented the original deep muscle percussion massagers for which they are world famous. Since then, Thumper Massagers have been used by more professionals in more countries around the world than any other massager…in fact, they are the only massagers on permanent display in the hockey hall of fame. And after all these years, all Thumper models for worldwide use are still meticulously handmade in Markham, Ontario, Canada. There is no other massager that comes close to the effectiveness and quality of the deep muscle percussion (tapotement) offered by the Thumper massagers. Professionals will often use the same units throughout their entire career.

Thumper Massager is still a leader in new product development for therapeutic massagers, devoting a substantial portion of their revenue to continuous research and development. Over 30 years later, and Thumper remains the most elite therapeutic massager in the industry.


How does Thumper compare to other massagers on the market?

Answer: Thumper is the only massager that goes after muscle tension with percussive action. Ordinary massagers exert their force in a horizontal direction and do nothing more than “rub” your skin. Thumper directs the action of its anatomically positioned massage spheres vertically-downwards into your muscles. You feel Thumper throughout your body, not just on the skin surface.

Why does the Thumper get warm?

Answer: Although Thumper is designed for continuous use, with extended use it is normal for the plastic shell or housing to get warm. If the temperature does exceed normal limits, Temperature Overload Protection may activate, shutting the machine down. You will need to let it cool before continuing use.

Is there any maintenance required for Thumper?

Answer: No. Thumper is maintenance free, constructed with permanently lubricated, sealed ball bearings. No additional lubrication is necessary.

How do I clean Thumper?

Answer: If the external surfaces become soiled, wipe clean with a cloth dampened with a mild soap.

Can Thumper be used with massage oils or lotions?

Answer: Do not use oils or lotions with Thumper. The oil or lotion may chemically react with the plastic and cause deterioration.

Does Thumper have attachments?

Answer: No attachments are needed with Thumper. Its massage spheres are positioned to let you treat all areas effectively.

Does Thumper itch?

Answer: Because Thumper does not “rub” the skin, itching does not usually occur. Itching may appear, however, under the following conditions:

  • If one has poor circulation
  • If irritable material or clothing is used between Thumper and the skin (ex. synthetic materials)
  • If left on one spot too long (this is due to increased circulation)
  • If the relative humidity of the atmosphere is quite low

Does Thumper pinch like some other vibrators?

No, Thumper does not pinch when used correctly. Do not press down, stroke, or dig with additional weight.

Does Thumper “kickback” energy to the handle?

Answer: Thumper has very little ‘kickback’ to the operator. Not like many other vibrators

What do I do if I find Thumper uncomfortable on one area?

Answer: Thumper was designed to be strong and effective with all muscle groups. For sensitive areas, place a folded towel between Thumper and the area being massaged.

Why does Thumper not have the bells and whistles?

Answer: Simply, Thumper works and its technology is based on proven deep muscle massage techniques developed over 30 years. The bells and whistles may look like you are getting more “features” but they do not work to provide a better massage. Our investment in the product is on those components that directly improve the massage result and the quality and longevity of the product. We do not compromise with ineffective features.

Who should use Thumper?

Answer: Anyone who:

  • Stands or sits all day at their job
  • Spends a lot of time driving
  • Has new or chronic aches or pains
  • Has tension/stress
  • Plays sports/exercises frequently
  • Wants to feel good!


Power Consumption 18W
Electrical Requirements 15A, 120V (compatible with 230V and 240V)
Speeds Variable Speed
Frequency 20-40 Hz
Standards UL, CSA, CE, ROHS certified ; FDA registered
Power Cord Length 12 ft (3.7 m)
Weight  1.4 kg (3 lbs)
Shell Construction Hi-impact ABS
Included Accessories Massage Spheres (2), Carrying Case and Instructional DVD
Colour Grey

Additional information

Weight 1.95 kg
Dimensions 19.29 x 5.31 x 6.29 in


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