TEMPUR-Pedic may be the most recognized, most copied and most loved mattress on the market. The TEMPUR material provides a supportive sleep surface that works to restore proper spinal alignment while you sleep. At the same time, the TEMPUR material conforms to the curves of your body, relieving pressure on the hips and shoulders, providing a restful, satisfying sleep.

Why TEMPUR-Pedic?

TEMPUR material is continually adapting to your body’s shape, weight distribution and temperature, working to support your body no matter which way you sleep. TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses are designed to help you have better sleep.  how to get better sleep

TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses reduce pressure points while you sleep. Often times pressure builds area like the shoulders and hips. The body then triggers movement to reduce the pressure points in these areas, meaning you toss and turn. TEMPUR material allows you to sleep longer, undisturbed for a more restful sleep every night, leaving you with more energy for whatever day brings.

TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses have incredible support adaptability built right into their design – they adapt to your body’s unique shape, weight and temperature that helps align the spine and provide the right level of support where you need it, like the neck and lower back.

About TEMPUR-Pedic

tempur-pedic mattress TEMPUR® material was born from NASA research, but has dramatically evolved from those early days. TEMPUR-Pedic spends millions every year on research and development to arrive at the elite product that exists today. Thanks to the unique responsive properties of TEMPUR® material, TEMPUR-Pedic mattresses actively adapt to your body’s shape, weight and temperature. This contouring reduces pressure points that can keep you awake, and offers superior support and alignment. The excellent support and consequently improved sleep posture allows your body to more fully relax while you sleep, providing all-night comfort. By design, TEMPUR material always returns to its original shape. So it’s as if you’re sleeping on a new mattress, night after night, year after year. There’s advanced science behind TEMPUR-Pedic’s better sleep, but there are also over 7 million owners who love their beds—many who say these beds have changed their lives.

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Other Advantages

On top of superior support and alignment, TEMPUR material greatly reduces pressure points and is designed to have one of the longest lifespans in the industry. TEMPUR material also reduces motion transfer with its ability to absorb weight and energy, meaning that another sleeper won’t be woken in the event that one moves.

Continuing Innovation

TEMPUR-Pedic continues to innovate, creating some of the most loved mattresses on the market. By continually researching and advancing sleep technologies, TEMPUR-Pedic is able to offer more mattresses that work for more people.