IntelliBED mattresses are designed to be the most pressure-relieving beds on the market, thanks to its secret weapon, IntelliGEL. IntelliGEL is constructed into scaffold-like columns that collapse under high pressure to relieve major pressure points, but remain vertical under low pressure areas. In this way, IntelliGEL is able to provide fantastic pressure relief, without compromising support for the more vulnerable areas of the spine, such as the lower back and neck.

What is Pressure Relief?

To provide support, mattresses need to “push up” on the body to place the spine in a neutral position and maintain good sleep posture. However, the problem this often creates are centralized pressure points on different parts of the body, namely the hips and shoulders. While poor support can lead to long-term back and joint problems, poor pressure relief directly leads to a bad quality sleep, punctuated by tossing, turning and general irritation. And as scientific evidence would have it, a poor night’s rest negatively affects nearly every important aspect of our lives, including health, mood, sex and brain function.


About IntelliBED

IntelliBED has re-thought and re-shaped the typical mattress surface to design IntelliGEL, an extremely durable, pliable gel that addresses the two great impediments to restorative sleep: spinal alignment and pressure relief. This patented technology forms columns that respond specifically to different levels of pressure, and unlike memory foam, the responsiveness is instant. Under low pressure, the columns stay vertical and under high pressure the columns begin to relax and collapse, therefore providing excellent pressure relief and support in tandem.

But don’t take our word for it – IntelliBED is backed by extensive research detailing pressure relief, support, longevity and component safety.


Other Advantages

IntelliBED excels in relieving pressure points, but not at the expense of support. IntelliGEL still has the capacity to properly align the spine, and has also been rigorously tested for longevity. After 100,000 cycles of the Rollator and Cornell tests (industry standard), IntelliGEL softened by only 4-5% and lost a maximum of 4/10 of an inch – demonstrating that IntelliGEL is 4 to 10 times more durable than any other premium cushioning material.