Inada Duet

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The Duet is another breakthrough in massage innovation from Inada, bringing multiple massage programs and featuring 8-axis Intelligent Massage.

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Over 50 years of innovation have allowed Inada to become the leader in pioneering massage chair technology. The Duet, with its two engines, finally addresses the differences between the upper and lower body. These two engines work in harmony to provide an experience only available from Inada.

Duet Massage Chair


8 Axis Intelligent Massage

With 8-axis movement, the Duet is poised to work out stiffness in muscles by moving left and right, up and down, back and forth and push-out motions independent of side. This is perfect for working muscles on just one side of the body.

Deep Massage Mechanism

Annular Deep Massage Mechanism

The mechanism holds the muscles tightly while rotating and providing deep massage, mimicking the feel of human hands.

Deep Calve Massage

Optical Shiatsu Point Sensor

The optical sensor scans the body, locating the optimum shiatsu points of each user, and has 140 cm of massage area to work with. The chair is also capable of putting the body into a zero gravity position, promoting even more relaxation and better massage.

Shiatsu Point Locations


Full Body Quick

Perfect for when you are low on time but still want a massage, this program provides a head to calve massage.

Full Body Relief

To help reduce everyday fatigue and melt away stress, the Full Body Relief program massages the full body in a balanced manner.


Reactivate the body after a night of rest with the Morning program. Designed to increase blood flow away from the extremities and towards the heart, it is perfect for reawakening the body after a night’s rest.


The Night program encourages blood to flow away from the heart and towards the extremities, calming and relaxing the body and leaving you ready for a restful night.

Back Intensity Balance

This program specifically targets uneven stiffness in the body. Concentrating on one side at a time, this program works to restore balance in the body.

Why Inada?

INADA family Logo

In 1962, Inada invented the first automatic massage chair. Today, Inada is the official massage technology provider for Toyota, and invests a stunning 10% of gross revenue in research and development every year — twice the Japanese national average. Inada is the only robotic massage institute which employs full-time Shiatsu therapists, and partners with seven universities to engineer the most effective medical-grade robotic massage programs available.

  • Quality and Reliability

Inada chairs are built with a 20 year lifespan. For every 20 minutes of manufacturing, each chair goes through 30 minutes of quality control and diagnostics.

Research  Inada Design  Inada Researcher

  • Medical Grade Therapy

Inada collaborates with ten medical research facilities and seven universities to design massage programs with the maximum health benefit.

  • Intelligent Massage

Inada massage programs are designed from scratch by actual massage experts to re-create proven massage techniques with robotics.


Inada massage chairs were created with longevity in mind, designed to last 20 years of regular home use. The chairs have a competitive 5 year limited warranty: 1 year comprehensive, 3 years parts and 5 years on the structure.


Weight 80 kg
Model Number HCP-WG1000
Power Supply 100 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power Consumption 150 W (Heater only 12 W)
Outer Covering Synthetic Leather, Polyester
Reclining Angle Approximately 118 degrees to 153 degrees from floor level, continious motion (automatic reclining)
Supplied Items Power cord, remote control pocket, buffer pad
Chair Dimensions Duet Specs

Additional information

Weight 90 kg
Dimensions 68 x 30 x 30 in


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