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The original-and most advanced-robotic massage. Designed and manufactured in Japan.

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Shiatsu Massage Expertise

Inada is the only massage chair company whose product development is 100% led by professional Shiatsu massage therapists.

Shiatsu Japanese Massage Chair
Dr. Hideyo Matsuura of the Inada Product Development Team

Each massage begins with an automatic Shiatsu point detection scan (another Inada invention) and has been choreographed to intelligently massage the right parts of your body with just the right touch. Inada collaborates with 7 universities and 10 medical clinics to conceive and test new ideas for making a positive impact on your health.

Advanced Engineering

In total, Inada employs over 100 full-time engineers and massage experts to design and manufacture Japan’s most effective medical-grade massage devices. In 2008, Inada’s extraordinary engineering team was approached by Toyota, famous for its state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and world class quality, to design massage functionality for their new minivan.

therapeutic massage chairs
Inada is famous for its quality. Each new chair model is rigorously tested for the equivalent of 20 years of regular use before it is released.

History of Inada Massage Chairs

In 1962, Inada invented the world’s first automatic massage chair. In the next 47 years, Inada went on to pioneer virtually every major massage innovation to reach the market, including the first spinal roller, the first use of air cells for massage, and the first infrared pressure point detection system.

Robotic Massage Chair History

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