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The HyperVibe Performance safely improves muscle strength, muscle tone, circulation, bone density, flexibility and balance, all in an ultra-condensed workout. The ultimate vibration machine, used to train astronauts!

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Not even $18,000 competitors can match HyperVibe’s reliability and impressive 17G output.


HyperVibeThe HyperVibe Performance is a Whole Body Vibration machine that has created a class of its own in the industry, engineered with unique and groundbreaking characteristics that place it way ahead of its competitors, without breaking the bank. Whether a mature age person is seeking to gently regain strength and vitality or an athlete needs to push their training to new levels, the Hypervibe Performance is uniquely capable of doing the job.

HyperVibe is capable of generating from 0.8G’s of G-force all the way up to 17G’s, nearly double its closest (more expensive) competitor, stimulating extremely strong, fast muscle contractions. Research confirms that the HyperVibe is capable of:

  • Stimulation of muscle and other reflexes
  • An increase in gravitational load
  • Mobilisation of joints and muscles
  • Rapid heating of joints and muscles

It is also capable of generating and accurately displaying a true 28Hz of pivotal vibration, making the Hypervibe the only vibration machine to do this all for under $3,000 (see comparison chart below).

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what are the vibration platform benefits

  • 0.8-17 G-Force production range
  • Rugged steel frame construction
  • Powerful 900 W motor with current overload protection
  • Manual operation mode + 4 frequency specific programs
  • Large LCD display shows actual vibration frequency
  • Shock-absorbing rubber feet and rear wheels for easy moving

How Does it Work?

Hypervibe stimulates your body’s natural reaction to movement

how do vibration platforms work

Your brain is constantly monitoring the position of your joints and will increase muscle activation in an attempt to stabilize your posture when there is a risk of becoming unbalanced. This pivoting plate, when rocking at high frequencies (how many times the plate moves up and down) sends pulses of kinetic energy up through your body and triggers the body to reflexively adjust in order to maintain equilibrium using various major and minor stabilizer muscles. These muscles contract rapidly in tune with the frequency of the plate – up to 28 times a second!

how does the hyoervibe work

Research shows that users receive the most muscular benefit between 15-30Hz, which is why the HyperVibe has been developed and independently tested to produce a true 28Hz of vibration – shattering the performance standard of its similarly priced competitors.

Why is G-Force Important?

With a high frequency (eg. 28Hz) to create rapid movement and a high amplitude (eg. 11mm) to create a sufficient amount of movement, Whole Body Vibration creates an effect similar to the elevator moving upwards, it’s as if your body just became a lot heavier. You feel this acceleration as a force on your body, a force called G-force which is adding to the force of gravity pulling you toward the Earth.

Because of this additional gravitational load, your muscles have to work harder to keep you upright. When a Whole Body Vibration machine can generate a high degree of G-force using frequencies close to 30Hz, the additional effect of stretch reflex muscle activation results in your muscles working hard without you actually having to try; the machine is doing the work for you.

Health Benefits

Whole Body Vibration

The HyperVibe is an efficient way of exercising to look and feel better, in the least amount of time and effort. Benefits include:

  • Intense exercise without intense effort
  • More results in less time
  • Increased Muscle Power & Strength
  • Increased Tone in Posture Muscles
  • Improved Circulation*
  • Improved Bone Density*
  • Pre-sport Warmup & Injury Prevention
  • Improved Balance & Flexibility
  • Post-sport Recovery
  • Massage & Relaxation
 * Stretching & exercise increase muscle blood flow. Muscle pulling on bone & weight-bearing exercise build stronger bones.

Who Can Use It?

As powerful as Hypervibe Whole Body Vibration training may sound, it is designed in a way to be very safe, comfortable and easy to use for all ages and can be set to very low levels of stimulation for beginners, including the elderly, or higher levels of stimulation for stronger, more active individuals, including elite athletes.

To learn more about using the HyperVibe, and how to make it work for you, please contact our Bodo Wellness Advisors to arrange an appointment.

how to use a vibration platform

Precautions & Contraindications

Vibration of the human body is a natural phenomenon that occurs as a normal part of movements such as walking, running or jumping and the body is designed to deal with vibration in a healthy way. Certain types of vibration are even used in clinical settings to assist with relaxation and enhance muscular performance. However, as a precaution, certain conditions are contraindicated for Whole Body Vibration exercise.

To date, there are no indications that Whole Body Vibration Exercise performed on a high quality Pivotal platform does or does not present a risk of harm to pregnant women however as a precaution, Hypervibe does not recommend that their machines be used during pregnancy.

Additionally the following conditions are contraindicated for Whole Body Vibration Exercise:

  • Epilepsy
  • Some metal implants
  • Gall or kidney stones
  • Recent fractures
  • Acute inflammatory conditions

If other concerns exist we recommend you consult a health professional before using the machine.


vibration platform specifications

G-Force Range 0.8 – 17.4 G
Frequency Range 6 – 28Hz
Platform Movement Pivotal
Amplitude 11mm (peak to peak)
Size 29.9″(W) x 25.2″(D) x 55.1″(H)
Weight 110lbs
Max User Weight 396lbs
Platform Size 22.2″ (W) x 14.4″ (D)


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