Health & Fitness Accessories

Read and browse on your tablet, eReader or ipad with ease and comfort while maintaining healthy spinal position with the Levo Stand. Sit recline or lay in bed in complete comfort. The Levo Stand eliminates the need for constant, annoying pillow propping.

Look out for your health and wellness by saving your posture. Maintaining healthy posture can improve several aspects of your health. Muscle imbalances result from tense shoulder muscles which causes your upper back to lose strength, and your posture to suffer. Watching TV, working at a desk or sitting at a computer are all common reasons for bad posture.

The Posture Medic specializes in correcting your posture imbalance by helping your muscles to stretch and your chest to strengthen your upper back.

Relax and release your knotted muscles with the most effective and eco friendly all in one self-massage tool Travel Roller. Achieve fast and effective pain relief by applying your body’s full weight over the roller and acupressure balls.

Whether you are an outdoorsy or athletic person looking for muscle recovery, or finding a way to relieve pent up pain and stress from working in a sitting position all day, the Travel Roller is a great solution.