Extinguish unwanted odours in your room, shoes and sporting equipment today with EverBamboo Deodorizers! This product absorbs odour and moisture, making it the perfect solution for dehumidifying and freshening. Put them in your gym bags, lockers, cabinets, compost pails diapers and more!

Deodorizers use porous bamboo charcoal that absorbs odours and moister. Not only do they freshen your house, but they can be used outdoors as it also absorbs polluted air particles such as ammonia, formaldehyde, and benzene.

Smokeless is an air purifier, which will help rid you of your congestion. Smokers, and non-smokers suffering from allergies, or the common cold who suffer from congestion will benefit from this product. It is a blend of eucalyptus, pine and mint for a fresh aroma that will soothe your clogged lungs and throat.

Inhibit or even eliminate unwanted odours in your home with the pleasant scent of apple. Aromatic Oil – Apple is the perfect solution for masking smells such as pet odour, and garbage odour. It also is an effective moth repellent.

Apple oil also is great for suppressing appetite while improving your memory and energy, making it, essentially, an aromatherapy version of an energy drink, minus the unpleasant side-effects of excessive sugar.