Yantra Mat Headache Relax

Using your Yantra Mat

Receive one of these spiky mats from a friend as a gift recently? Unsure what it’s for, or just looking for more information on the original acupressure mat after your purchase? We at Bodo Wellness Technology love this mat and what it has done for many of us, so we want to share some ideas, tips experiences with everyone.

Ideas for use:

You might have tried to lie directly on the mat the first time you used it, and maybe it’s been locked away in a closet ever since. Maybe you loved it right away! For those that found the initial experience unpleasant, we recommend you try again, but this time with a thin shirt or light sheet over the mat. This reduces the initial unpleasant sensations, and allows your body to adjust to the mat more slowly.

Laying on the mat on the floor allows for more pressure to be placed across the body, but some people prefer to use the mat on top of their mattress. This allows the mat to contour more to the curvature of your back, and some people may find it more useful for working their lower back.

Really want to get into the lower back? While laying on the mat, bend your knees, placing your feet as close to your back as possible. You will instantly feel more pressure on the lower back area. Alternate between having your knees bent like this and laying flat to really work into the lower back and get some pain relief.

Lower Back Pain


Traveling with the Yantra Mat? Try taking just the outermost part of the mat with you. Undo the velcro at the top of the mat and remove the foam pad. The outer layer will pack smaller, and can be used on top of a mattress at your hotel or wherever you are staying.

Yantra Mat Black

To wash the mat, again take the foam pad out to avoid getting it wet. Then gently hand wash the outside layer with soap and water. Just be careful not to scrub to hard or you may poke you hand!

Stubborn neck pain or a nagging headache? Try rolling the Yantra mat up, with the spikes facing outward, then place the rolled mat under the neck or on the lower back part of the head. Some of us have found this method especially helpful for combatting neck pain as well as tension headaches, especially when they feel like they start in the neck area.

Neck Pain and Headache

When to use the mat:

Talk to anyone at Bodo and you might get a different answer for when one of us likes to use the Yantra mat. Some find that it helps them to fall asleep at night, as the muscle relaxation it provides compliments winding down before bed. Others find that it gives them a bit of a rush and causes a surge of energy, perfect for when you are just waking up or hitting that mid-day slump!

So, now you know more about the Yantra Mat and how to use it. If you have any more questions be sure to come by one of our retail stores and ask, or give us a shout, and above all, just give the Yantra Mat a chance. We promise only the first couple seconds are as bad as the mat looks!

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