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The Benefits of Massage Chairs

The first massage chairs were introduced in the 1930’s and revolutionized the world of massage therapy. With today’s advanced technology, massage chairs have dramatically improved since then.


Replicate the Therapeutic Techniques of Massage Therapy

Modern massage chairs are designed to mimic the expert hands of a trained massage therapist.

The sophisticated 3D rollers target key muscle groups and soft tissue, while moving in multiple directions for a realistic simulation of a professional massage. Many chair models also feature the ability to adjust the intensity of the rollers, giving you control.

What’s more, high quality massage chairs incorporate different modalities into one chair, including chiropractic, reflexology, and physiotherapy.  Massage rollers can also simulate the fingertip massage of shiatsu and provide the deep tissue techniques of a Swiss massage.

With your own personal massage chair you can enjoy the benefits of massage therapy in the comfort of your home, without having to rush to an appointment.

Promote Wellness to Your Spine

There is nothing that promotes wellness for your neck and spine more than a massage after a hard day at work.

Massage chairs use zero gravity technology, developed by NASA, that takes the weight of the world off your back. This advanced technology puts your entire body in a state of weightlessness, which decompresses your neck and spine and displaces muscle tension.

Once in the reclined position, your body is able to enter a deep state of relaxation while the chair rollers begin to massage you.

Relieve Lower Back Pain

Massage chairs help to relieve one of the major causes of discomfort in the body: lower back back.

In-chair heat warms the muscles in your lower back, increasing blood circulation. Blood carries nutrients to the cells and flushes out waste products, so when you increase circulation you reduce pain in the joints, ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

Lower back pain and muscle spasms are often a result of poor circulation of the blood and lymphatic fluids. Massage chairs greatly improve the health and wellness of your lower back by encouraging these fluids to move throughout the body.

Boost Your Immune System

You will immediately notice the health and wellness benefits of a massage chair beyond the relief of pain and tension.

Stress lowers the immune system and is a significant contributor to illness. Massage releases endorphins, which reduces stress hormones and boosts your immune system.Dreamwave

When you relieve stress, the body has time to rejuvenate and restore itself to a healthy state. Regular massage has been shown to noticeably reduce the number of colds and flus. It naturally follows that a massage chair offers the same benefits.

Save Money and Avoid Hassle

Many of us don’t nourish our bodies as often as we would like, despite the many health benefits. For one, the hassle of getting to a massage clinic even just once a week is significant and many of us don’t have the time.

The upfront investment of a massage chair is clearly more than a massage appointment. However, over time, a massage chair will actually save you a lot of money.

If you consider how much you would pay to see a massage therapist as often as your body would benefit from the treatment, a massage chair proves itself to be a much more affordable option. In just a couple of years, you would easily spend more than the cost of a massage chair to see a massage therapist as often as you would be able to use your chair.


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