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Take a moment and envision a successful person in your mind. A strong, powerful athlete, standing proudly on their home turf. A business executive, who, being the best in their field, is consistently under the scrutiny of head-hunters from the biggest and the best. Just for a minute, close your eyes and envision that you are in a meeting with Steve Jobs, watching him present his newest and latest idea. Now, place all three of these people side by side. Take a moment to notice how they stand. There is one noticeable factor that connects all three of them together. They have great posture. You see, a great posture is one of the most powerful components to great body language, which portrays success, confidence, and power. The problem faced by millions of people, however,  is that great posture is not easily adopted into our day to day lives. We naturally slouch. Our shoulders roll forward, and upper back hunches, placing tremendous amounts of stress onto our upper trapezius muscles, rotator cuff and lower back. Now, because of the amazing ability for our body to adapt to the situations presented to it, our body adapts this poor posture, and the lower trapezius, rear deltoid, and rhomboid muscles become weak, the scapula unstable, and lacking the ability to hold the shoulders back for much more than a few minutes at a time. This becomes increasingly more difficult due to the fact that in order to hold our shoulders in the proper position, we have to consciously think about it, but as soon as our brain focuses on something else, the shoulders return to the slouched position.

This is where the posture medic comes in. The posture medic is more than just a quick fix. It is a tool designed to correct years of bad posture in just one month of use. It follows a simple, 15-30 minute, three step procedure that when done consistently provides lasting effects for your posture. The clever loop design of the band allows users to achieve a deep stretch in the overactive chest muscles that cause the shoulders to be pulled forward, making them the most detrimental factor to a bad posture. With the pull from these overtightened chest muscles alleviated, the band can now be used similar to an exercise band to help strengthen those weak trapezius, deltoid, and rhomboid muscles in the back. With the chest muscles stretched, and the back muscles strengthened, the shoulders will naturally be pulling back and downwards in the proper position. Now, the posture medic can work to it’s fullest potential. By utilizing the clever loop design once again, you can pull the unit over your elbows and onto your shoulders, allowing the elasticity of the band to pull the shoulders back, stabilizing the shoulder joint in that same proper positioning, and ultimately taking the conscious act of holding a good posture out of your mind entirely, while your muscles adapt to this new position.

Posture medic

You will be able to feel the scapula pulled together properly, opening your chest, your shoulders in a position of strength and relief, as if the weight of the entire world has been lifted off your back. Your lungs expand with ease, air flowing as softly and easily as a stream. Now, close your eyes again, and this time, add yourself to those 3 successful, confident people standing side by side. You fit in perfectly.

Perfect Posture

– Jared Derkatz

Your Bodo Wellness Advisor

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