Mark’s Testimony

– 9 years ago, Jan 2005 I was in a bad traffic accident. I was in a tractor-trailer. I jackknifed, crossed the meridian & another tractor-trailer knocked me back into the meridian. The motor was dismounted from the truck. My seat belt broke, I went through the windshield & they found me on my motor.

Here’s how I have felt the past 2 days after being in the Magnesphere for 1 hour sessions:

No therapist can do what that machine has done for me the past 2 days.  Being in this situation I’ve been in for the past 9 years, that machine is a work of magnetic art. For the past 2 days,  it’s been like my body did a 180° turn.  After a personal visit from an actual therapist, my body has never felt as good like it does after being in that Magnesphere after just 2 sessions!

My body has taken a huge beating.  For the past 9 years,  my body has felt like I was hit by a freight train but after being in that machine for just 2 sessions, it’s, like my body did a 180°.  I can feel the machine at work throughout my body.

With the Magnesphere I can feel as if my bones are being re-aligned & my breathing is also a lot better.  My bones & muscles also seemed to snap & feel as they were being molded back into shape.  I feel tingling sensations, I feel my whole body molding back to its shape when in the machine.  The machine doesn’t cause any pain,  it takes away the pain. The machine is just as great as an actual massage therapist if not better.

Sincerely,  Mark

Dr. Steve’s Testimony

– I just started working for Bodo Wellness Technologies in 2013, when they purchased their first Magnesphere.  I started receiving their news-letters and heard the incredible stories of healing, and was quite skeptical, until my personal experience.

Last year, I remodeled and put a new 1,000 sq ft addition onto our home in Calgary – I re-injured my left shoulder – (the one I had an athletic injury which resulted in reconstructive surgery, many years ago). I could not work for 2 weeks, the pain and function of this shoulder was getting worse, interfering with sleep and work. I could not get my elbow past 90 degrees on elevation – I knew I tore the supaspinatus (rotator cuff) tendon – again and that I might have to have another surgery. My pain was 8 or 9 (out of 10 = the worst pain). In 2 treatments on the Magnesphere – 6 days later my pain went to zero and I was able to get back to full days of hard work. I have NEVER had (personally or in practice) a shoulder heal from this type of injury EVER, until now. In all my athletic injuries (13 total shoulder dislocations) if it had not had happened to me I would not have believed it. We now have 3 Magnesphere units running in 3 of our stores.

The results we have been getting on the Magnesphere are changing my whole concept of how fast the body can heal.   In one week, I saw 3 cases of severe Sciatic Neuralgia resolve 95% or more after one session on the Magnesphere.  All health practitioners try to be the best Healing Physicians we can possibly be – this incredible technological breakthrough has put those of us who use the Magnesphere, into a whole new level of healing!

I am so thankful for Dr Jacobson’s 25 years of research and development, and the whole team at Neowave Health in Canada and Magneceutical Health in the US for making this device available to those of us who want to BE THE BEST HEALING PRACTITIONER WE CAN POSSIBLY BE!

Sincerely, Dr. Stephen R. Summey DC   (Ret), FACO, CCSP, CWA (NAHU)