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About Bodo Wellness Technology


Mission Statement

Our Mission is simple. To transform the way the world looks at wellness.

Through the provision of superior, proven products, the delivery of an exceptional customer experience and a focus on education, we aim to inspire a Wellness Revolution.  One Customer at a time.

Bodo exists to find the best wellness technology in the world and make it available in a simple, educational, affordable way.

In-Depth Research

We are enthusiastic about research and learning. Before opening our flagship retail store, we spent 16 months in intensive research & development for our first product, the Infrared Sauna. We hired our own engineering and design team, tested all components ourselves, and then partnered with the best infrared sauna manufacturers on the planet to ensure we had the most safe, reliable, and effective product available.

bodo store research

Value Conscious

Bodo is a wellness company, not a luxury brand. So while our technology and quality is the best in the world, we constantly work to keep our prices as low as possible. We do this by building strong, direct relationships with our technology partners, providing fair financing programs to our customers, and organizing smart distribution strategies. As a company, we measure our long-term performance by the positive impact we have on human lives.


Our showrooms in Calgary and Edmonton serve as insight laboratories, where we gain a deep understanding from our customers into what products work best. Then, we make the best products available via our website to the rest of the country. If you have any questions about our stores or products feel free to email us.

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Cross Iron Mills Retail Store

Why Shop At Bodo?

Bodo offers more than just superior health and wellness products. Bodo Wellness Technology offers a memorable experience and personalized advice from our in store health advisors.

Live Different.
Live Well.